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Ever heard someone say they know it's going to rain because their joints ache?

For hundreds of years, people have wondered if the weather affects their symptoms of pain.
Cloudy with a chance of pain is the world's first smartphone-based study to investigate the association.
If you have arthritis or chronic pain, live in the UK and have a smartphone, you can take part.

You can help us discover if the weather influences pain

You will need to track your symptoms each day for up to six months using a simple app
Our research team will then use this data to work out if the weather affects how people are feeling
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Explore the data

The de-identified (anonymous) data can be explored by participants and the general public to try and spot the patterns between weather and symptoms
Once you spot an association (or the absence of an association), you will be able to submit your idea, or hypothesis, and become part of the research team.
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